Shane`s World Campus Hottie Stroker - Pussy - Blue

Shane`s World Campus Hottie Stroker - Pussy - Blue

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You deserve a high five for landing this seriously smokin’ catch. She’s naughty and ready to take every long, thick inch of you with 8.5 inches of realistic pussy pleasure. Even the thicker boys will stretch her tight 2.5-inch width with ease - she’s got that dream pussy that can take any pounding you dish out and love every inch of it. We all know the Campus Hottie - the one who parties like every day is Friday and who works that perfect body like she just knows you’re watching. The one you can’t take your eyes off of and can’t wait to get inside of. Well, she’s here, and she’s all yours tonight. No need to wine and dine this one - she’s a sure thing and totally ready to please. This girl loves to bang and comes equipped with everything you crave to make her the conquest from heaven…that you can have any time you want. The Shane’s World Campus Hottie is super soft and incredibly stretchy for that real-pussy feel you’ve been looking for. Plunge your rod into her blue pleasure tunnel and grind it against the perfectly ribbed walls for an ultra-realistic feel. Just spread apart those perfect little lips and get ready for her to ride, squeeze, tease, and please you to the point of ecstasy tonight.

Masturbator: 8.25 x 2.5 in.
Package: 2.5 x 4.5 x 10.5 in.

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